Amhousejoy Under Hood Animal Repeller Ultrasonic in Car, Ultrasound Mouse Repellent Pest Control Mice Reject Device Repel Mice, Spiders, Cockroaches Car Truck Vehicle (Blue)

Are rats biting your car wires and plastic accessories around your car engine?Your are looking for a permanent solution to eradica…

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Are rats biting your car wires and plastic accessories around your car engine?

Your are looking for a permanent solution to eradicate rodents destroying your car?

Owner has to bear not only expensive repair but some time face with dire consequences of unsafe driving.

Amhousejoy Car rat repellent is specially designed to protect your car from rodents (rats & mice). The frequency of the ultrasonic sound is always changing which can not make the rats have any “adaptability”and “immunity”.

The device emits auto-changing and auto-sweeping high intensity frequency strikes the auditory & nervous system of the rats strongly with its intensive ultrasonic waves forcing them to leave the area being protected, they do not get killed.

Permanently eradicate rats & mice from destroying your car’s wire and accessories.

Car Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent Under Hood Mice Repeller Repel Spiders,Rats,Roaches,Ants,Insects for Truck Vehicle Human & Pets Safe Heavy Duty Aluminum

Rated frequency :50Hz

Rated voltage:12V

Rated power :3 W

Product size: 18*13*6cm


1x Mouse repeller

    • ULTRASONIC & ELECTROMAGNETIC & Safe – Amhousejoy Car rat repellent uses safe and effective technology to created high frequency noise to naturally drive off the rats&mice and rodent from your car.It DOES NOT KILL the rats.We humane to rats. The ultrasonic sound waves are inaudible to the hearing range of humans. It is completely safe to use in cars
    • EASY TO INSTALL: Do it in your garage takes 10 min only ,you can installed in the under hood and passenger cabin of cars, vans, trucks, and other mechanical equipment. The ultrasonic reject will stop automatically When engine is running, and when you shut down the engine, it will start to work again
    • EFFECTIVELY REPELLING: The ultrasonic rodent repellent protect your car from any damage from rats and rodent. No more rodent chewing on your expensive car wires, No more dreaded scene with rats in the car’s engine area. And thus safeguards the car engine area, cables from damage and nesting by rats
    • STYLISH DESIGN: The bright blue aluminum case of the Under Hood Repeller give you a colorful look,and the durable aluminum case prevent the device from aging in under hood
    • GUARANTEE: Amhousejoy rat repellent with 6 months Money back and Replacement Warranty! Please feel free to contact us If you need any assistance

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