AOTU 4-5 Person Camping Cookware Mess Kit, Non-Stick Aluminum Camping Pots and Pans Set, Lightweight, Compact and Folding Backpacking Cooking Set for Hiking, Picnic and Camping

Product Details Name: 4-5 person pan with Teapot Set Brand: AOTU Model: AL500-2 Material: hard alumina Large pot(1)size:181…

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Product Details
Name: 4-5 person pan with Teapot Set
Brand: AOTU
Model: AL500-2
Material: hard alumina
Large pot(1)size:181x110mm(diameter x height) about 2.83L
Medium pot(1)size:162x89mm(diameter x height) about 1.83L
Frying pan(1)size: 186x52mm(diameter x height) about 1.4L
Teapot(1)size:150x80mm (diameter * height) about 1.1L
Weight: 1460g (including carton packing)
Large pot x1
Medium pot x1
Frying pan x1
Teapot x1
Plastic bowl x4
Plastic dish x2
Soup spoonx1
Rice shovel x1
Dishcloth x1

1. high quality stainless steel block, high strength rivet High quality stainless steel, durable, steel rivets stamping, bearing, anti leakage
2. thickening stainless steel handle damping design High quality stainless steel, heavy and can bear higher weight, Damping design to prevent the swing of the pan
3. imported hard alumina block to prevent leakage Imported materials, durable, aluminum rivets stamping, bearing large leakage
4. folding handle Easy to carry, insulated plastic handle to prevent hot, The antiskid design, but more comfortable and safe
5. pan handle It adopts heat insulation plastic, anti ironing and antiskid design. It is safe and durable
6. light non stick pan, imported alumina pot body Light material, easy to use, durable, anti oxidation, uniform heating, non stick pot
7. easy to carry Humanized size design forms a whole The set of groups saves space and is convenient to carry out

    • Only 1460g, this set is perfect for any backpacking adventure.
    • Collapsible bundle design, and equipped with a gauze bag, easy to carry
    • The pot, Teapot and frying pan are made of solid and light aluminum oxide, which is high-temperature and friction-resistant. Making this set very durable.
    • It is ease of use, it will be a great help whether you are going to make breakfast, lunch and dinner with friends, or hike in for romantic picnics, as well as overnight excursions

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