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Product name: Axilla crutchesCategory: trekking polesMaterial: stainless steelWeight: 2.4kgProduct features: adjustable high a…

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Product name: Axilla crutches
Category: trekking poles
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 2.4kg
Product features: adjustable high and low
Quantity: 1 Pack
Color: gray
Product dimensions length: 1150-M (cm)

    • Material: Stainless steel, Weight: 2.4kg, Product function: Adjustable height, Quantity: 1pcs, Color: Gray, Length: 1150-M
    • Special design of the telescopic tube, muffler tube sets to avoid metal friction, suitable for one meter 5 to one meter 85 of the crowd, the Shui itself can be adjusted from 115 to 135CM, non-slip rubber foot pad to provide good ground friction, built-in metal gasket , More to strengthen its durability
    • Grasp the upper part of crutches, hold down the adjustment key, elongated crutches, to feel the appropriate adjustment position can be, in the adjustment key to pull, shrinkage adjustment, pay attention to confirm to hear crutches “click” sound, indicating the adjustment key Adjust in place
    • Reminder: If the adjustment key does not confirm the adjustment in place, that is, did not hear the “click” sound when using crutches, then, as long as a force, crutches are likely to be compressed shorter, so I am afraid there will be insecurity
    • Handle adjustment method: Unscrew the left hand nut, unplug the bolt, the rubber handle to the appropriate location, plug in the bolt, and then tighten the nut

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