BRS-12A Portable Camping Outdoor Picnic Oil Stove

BRS-12A        Foolproof Oil Stove(Non-Preheating)Weight: 560gCombustion Power: 2117WFuel: Gasoline( K…

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BRS-12A        Foolproof Oil Stove(Non-Preheating)
Weight: 560g
Combustion Power: 2117W
Fuel: Gasoline( Kerosene diesel for standby nozzle )
Size: Folded 12 x 16.8cm open 19.2 x 17.4cm
Material: stainless steel, magnesium alloy, copper
Application: outing, camping, fishing, climbing, cycling

1.The firepower controled freely
2.Non-Preheating,use it more simple and save more time,more clean
Can greatly reduce the maintenance frequency
3.Oil filler unique design is explosion-proof
When pressure is highest it can pressure relief automatic,ensure use safety
3.The bottom of bracket has three gear to adjust
keep smooth and more suitable for complex outdoor environment
4.Unique design of pressure needle can be intuitive show the intermal pressure of tank; ensure use more simple

Step description
If you are using this oil furnace for the first time, it is recommended to take a closer look at the use steps, which is very helpful
1: Close the valve, tighten the oil cover, press the airing rod to the oil furnace to pressurize it
2: Turn the valve counterclockwise to open the valve, let the nozzle spray a small amount of fuel to close the valve
Note: The fuel injection control can be in 2-3 seconds
3: Preheating the oil and gas discharged from the fuel nozzle of the open flame point
Note: Gasoline warm-up time is about 30-50 seconds
4: Open the valve, and when you hear the burning sound of the oil furnace “whistling”, adjust the valve to the required firepower
5:Close the door after use, and blow it out when the flame becomes small; Until the stove is cooled and cleaned, it can be stored

    • Oil pipeline, oil pipeline is not burned on fire, it is cleaner to use, eliminating the trouble of cleaning up carbon deposits
    • Unique pressure structure design, easier to pressurize, no need to pressurize in the middle of one press, fire size switch, easy to use
    • The thickened serrated non-slip bracket can withstand the vertical pressure within 80KG; Bottom foldable non-slip bracket for all terrains, environments
    • The integrated design absorbs the advantages of the split oil furnace while reducing the technical links, the performance is more stable, and the maintenance is more convenient
    • Explosion-proof automatic pressure relief device, the upgraded version of the fuel cap is equipped with an automatic pressure relief valve. When the pressure of the oil tank is too large, it can automatically relieve pressure, which is safer and more stable

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