Crystalzhong Lightweight Sleeping Pad Ultralight & Compact & Inflatable Air Mattress Pad-Insulated Air Mat Hiking & Camping Thick Outer Skin

Be attention:1. Avoid directly contact with sharp objects.2. Keep away from the fire.3. Avoid inflating too much.4. After inflatin…


Be attention:
1. Avoid directly contact with sharp objects.
2. Keep away from the fire.
3. Avoid inflating too much.
4. After inflating, avoid stampede quickly and forcefully.
5. It’s not recommended to use on water.
6. If air leakage is found, please use the patch in time.

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    • SLEEP COMFORTABLY ALL NIGHT: Affordable lightweight camping pad push valve allows for quick inflation and deflation ,MINCREDIBLY LIGHTWEIGHT
    • Enjoy the best night sleep or napping time even if you are sleeping outdoors! With a ultra light inflatable pad, you can take sleep to a whole other level. The smooth and insulated top will keep you comfy and cozy for much longer.Try it today and experience the difference for yourself.
    • This air inflatable mattress is ready to withstand some heavy duty use. The thick air cells limit air movement and the valve is carefully designed to lock air inside.No more tossing and turning. No more air leaking. No more worries!
    • This lightweight camping mat is extremely multipurpose and useful for all. Ideal for camping, holidays, hiking, fishing, hunting, backpacking, world adventures, scouting, traveling, beach, hanging, and even your RV.Its compact, lightweight and portable nature ensures sweat free carrying
    • Inflate-open the first valve blow it with 5-10 breath.Deflate-open the second valve deflate it in one second.The pillow is separated from the body.There are 2 air nozzles.The purpose of separation is not to run away from each other´╝îMake you sleep more comfortably.

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