Duceny Electric shock Mosquito Insect Trap Killer – UV light traps, covering approximately 500-1000 square feet

Name:Duceny electric shock wall mosquito killerPower supply: 220V~50HZSwitch: Intelligent Sensitive (automatically turned on at night, autom…

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Name:Duceny electric shock wall mosquito killer
Power supply: 220V~50HZ
Switch: Intelligent Sensitive (automatically turned on at night, automatically turned off during the day) + remote control switch
Anti-mosquito principle: 368nm UV lamp + electric shock type (double-layer high-voltage power grid)
Product color: white + black
Use area: 200-500 square feet
Input voltage: 220V=1A
Rated power: 10W
Appearance material: VO grade flame retardant material (leakage protection)
Size: 100mm*289mm*289mm
Weight: 800g

    • For the best anti-mosquito effect, make sure the mosquito killer is the only light source in the room. The number of decibels is 35, which will not affect your child’s rest and sleep.
    • UV trap lights are recommended to be placed at a height of about 1 meter, and the wavelength of 365 nanometers of ultraviolet light attracts mosquitoes and bugs. UV fly traps are safer than indoor sprayers.
    • UV attracts mosquitoes in any direction and attracts insect traps. The built-in 600V high voltage shock is very effective.
    • The purely physical anti-mosquito technology kills mosquitoes in a completely safe manner. There are no electronic noises, no chemical toxins, no toxins, and no radiation to humans and pets.
    • 220V power supply. Ideal for indoor use, bedroom, den, toilet, camping tent or other enclosed environment.

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