Duceny Silent Mosquito Insect Trap Killer – UV light traps, covering approximately 200 square feet

Material: PP material + metal mosquito net + ABS lampshadePower: USB (5V)Mosquito killing principle: 365nm UV lamp + suction type (1650 laps…

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Material: PP material + metal mosquito net + ABS lampshade
Power: USB (5V)
Mosquito killing principle: 365nm UV lamp + suction type (1650 laps/minute)
Accessories: Mosquito killer + professional mosquito trap 3 packs
Applicable area: 200 square feet or less
LED photocatalyst mosquito lamp, no pollution, no radiation, light control mosquito killer, effective physical mosquito control.
Anti-mosquito lamp adopts 365 nanometer light wave, let the mosquito take the initiative to fly to the mosquito killer and capture it. Double Blu-ray, more temptation.
Three-dimensional air ducts have large suction power. Mosquitoes are sucked into mosquito traps and mosquitoes are dehydrated and die.
One-touch switch, easy to operate; USB port, powered by mobile power, computer or other USB device, save energy.
30db Mute working mode, won’t disturb your sleep.

    • Anti-mosquitoes are turned on 2-3 hours before bedtime to prevent the human body from getting too close to the machine. The carbon dioxide emitted by the human body will affect the mosquito trapping effect of the machine.
    • Please be placed at a height of about 1 meter. Mosquitoes are more likely to be attracted by light.
    • When mosquitoes are killed, please close the doors and windows, and the mosquitoes in the enclosed space are better.
    • In order to achieve the best anti-mosquito effect, please ensure that the mosquito killer is the only light source in the room.
    • When using the mosquito killer for the first time, please turn on the power switch for more than 12 hours continuously. During this period, do not open the mosquito storage box to avoid escape of mosquitoes. You can use the mosquito trap box after 3-5 days for subsequent use.

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