G&M Mahogany leading crutches old solid wood cane sticks old wooden lumps non-slip solid wood handle to meet the hand curve polished cane feel comfortable

Product Name: Solid wood caneMaterial: woodproduct type£ºCrutchesFor the crowd: the elderlyThe use of non-slip rubber feet, …

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Product Name: Solid wood cane
Material: wood
product type£ºCrutches
For the crowd: the elderly
The use of non-slip rubber feet, you can firmly grasp any surface, so there is no need to worry about slipping.
Ergonomic plastic handle design for easy grip comfort.
Sugar cane special beech, not deformation, bending, not easy to peel
This traditional crutch can be used in the right hand or left hand
This cane is a fashion statement for men / ladies / old / grandfathers

    • Solid wooden handle, to meet the hand curve, polished crutches, feel comfortable, so feel comfortable,
    • The bottom with plastic sets, non-slip durable, extended life crutches
    • Crutches polished, feel more comfortable pure natural wood waxing without any paint crafts hand handling
    • This traditional crutch can be used in the right hand or left hand, it is made of solid wood
    • This gorgeous stick will give a gift to your other half, friends, parents or colleagues, subtle texture, low profile luxury.

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