Goodjobb 2Pcs 4-Teeth Ice Climbing Crampons Snow Grip Spike Shoes Boots Sports Anti-Slip Grippers Outdoor Walking Hiking

Specification:Colour: blackMaterial: high density manganese steel + super elastic rubber beltLength: 30cmWidth: 4.4cmHeight: 2cm…


Colour: black
Material: high density manganese steel + super elastic rubber belt
Length: 30cm
Width: 4.4cm
Height: 2cm
Uses: suitable for outdoor climbing, but also suitable for use in city under the snow and ice weather, especially for the old and children. with a variety of sports shoes, hiking shoes and mountain boots, for ice, grass environments.

-Straps made of special high elastic latex, good elasticity, wear resistance, firmness, high cold resistance;
-Rubber strap can be adjusted, can be suitable for a variety of sizes of shoes

    • Very simple to use, buckle in the shoes, the front has a hook, the laces tied to the hook is very strong.
    • Hard plastic tape into a super elastic rubber band, more flexible, suitable for different shoe size, more paste feet
    • Small size, light weight, easy to carry, outdoor four seasons essential;Suitable for outdoor climbing, but also for the use of snow and ice in the city, especially for the elderly children snow slide out of season to use
    • 4 sharp teeth give you a sense of security when walking. Easy to wear, easy to use. Simple and lightweight crampons, climbing through the crowd for the winter to go ice pavement
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