Hike Crew Outdoor Portable Toilet Porta Potty with Detachable Compartments and Bellows Pump Flush for Camping, Hiking, Boating & Travel Trailer – 5.3 Gallon (20L)

Enjoy modern conveniences while enjoying nature! Whether you’re out on a personal expedition or on a family escapade across the Australian O…

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Enjoy modern conveniences while enjoying nature!

Whether you’re out on a personal expedition or on a family escapade across the Australian Outback, the Hike Crew Outdoor Portable Toilet has got your, um, back. No need to revert to digging holes and scoping out a new spot to relieve yourself when hiking, camping, boating, fishing, RV’ing or traveling. This lightweight yet durable portable toilet makes it easy and convenient to take care of business when nature calls. Don’t let the lack of modern conveniences shy you away from enjoying the world. Tackle life one hike at a time, one day at a time with this reliable, easy-to-use (and clean!) toilet.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 flush tank
  • 1 waste tank
  • Seat, lid & all parts needed for easy assembly
  • Convenience of relief no matter where you are

Specs & Details

  • Crafted of high-density polyethylene
  • Completely self-contained
  • No power source or plumbing connections required
  • Secure clamps and latches
  • All parts easily replaced
  • 5.3 gallon waste holding tank
  • 2.6 gallon fresh water tank
  • Easy to carry and clean
  • Well-constructed adult-sized seat and lid
  • Always flushes with clean water, no re-circulating water
  • Tank capacity provides up to 50 flushes.
  • Attractive matte finish conceals marks, and allows scrubbing without damage
  • Double-sealed drain valve protects against leakage and odor
  • Heavy duty, corrosion-resistant side latches lock tanks together
  • Easy-to-empty detached waste holding tank
  • Single-piece construction (both tanks) with non-leak seams
  • Empty waste easily without tools
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 14.6 x 16.9 in
  • 1-year limited warranty

How to Enjoy

  • Remove tanks and parts from packaging
  • Assemble with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Add water into freshwater tank
  • Stay flush with nature and the great
      • – ENJOY MODERN CAMPING – With No Power or Water Source Required, Portable Toilet Makes for Comfortable Camping, boating, fishing, traveling with the family, healthcare, RV & Outdoor Adventures
      • – STURDY, DURABLE, SEALED – High Density Polyethylene Ensures No Damage from Scrubbing or Transporting, Preventing Unsavory & Unsanitary Leaks. Sturdy seat design offers home-like comfortable. Side latches secure the tank to the toilet. Measures 16.5″H x 14.6″ W x 16.9″D and weighs 12 lbs. without filling. Max Bearing Capacity: 441 lbs. Bowl Dimension: 10.4″x 9″x 7″
      • – EASY TO USE/DISPOSE WASTE – Super Powerful Flush Spout Coupled with Easy Emptying Tube Ensures Effective & Painless Disposal of Waste; Provides as Many as 50 Flushes in One Tank
      • – SANITARY WITHOUT ODORS – Flushes with Fresh, Clean Water (No-Circulating Water); Double Sealed Valve Keeps Odors Locked Safely Inside. Liquid chemicals can be put into fresh water tank for aromatic air.
      • – EASY ASSEMBLY/MAINTENANCE – Secured with Clamps & Latches, This Portable Toilet Is Easy to Set Up Quickly Without Wasting Precious Time

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