Kaiyu Outdoor Camping Lunch Break Sleeping Bag Travel Sleeping Bag Indoor Warm Bag Portable Travel Camping Sleeping Bag 220x80x50cm

Product Name: Sleeping bagcolour: yellowsize: 220x80x50cmweight: 2.1kgMaterial: Polyester fabric + Chun Yafang + hollow cotton…


Product Name: Sleeping bag
colour: yellow
size: 220x80x50cm
weight: 2.1kg
Material: Polyester fabric + Chun Yafang + hollow cotton
Suitable temperature: 5°C-10°C
Structure: none
Installation method: none
Is it customizable: No
Suitable for: lunch break, sleep, keep warm, etc.
Applicable scenes: Indoor lunch break, outdoor camping, sleeping on the car, climbing, etc.

    • It is made of polyester water-repellent coating fabric, which is resistant to moisture and has heat preservation and ventilation.
    • The drawstring design can be adjusted on both sides of the hat to relax the head movement space, tighten to prevent cold air from entering, and the lock temperature effect is better.
    • The bottom of the sleeping bag has a hangable design. The sleeping bag can be hung when it is cool and ventilated, and it can also be conveniently stored to save space.
    • The head of the sleeping bag is made of elastic Velcro, and the two sides are closely attached to prevent the zipper from being accidentally pulled open and the cold air is poured in.
    • Double zipper head design for easy double opening and closing inside and outside.

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