KIZ Gym Towel with Zip Pocket & Magnet for Hanging – Essential Microfiber Quick-Dry Sweat Towel for Exercise, Weight Lifting, Yoga, Cardio, Camping, Backpacking, Travel, More

Save the sweat for your workout!There’s a lot to stress about when it comes to exercising: pricy gym memberships, big crowds, expensive…

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Save the sweat for your workout!

There’s a lot to stress about when it comes to exercising: pricy gym memberships, big crowds, expensive equipment, and quality gym accessories. Focus on your workout, and snag an X-Treme Gym Towel by KIZ! Each towel comes with a magnet for hanging, zip pocket, and snap to make your exercise hassle-free!

Stick it to ’em!

Wondering what a magnet’s got to do with your gym supplies? This convenient design feature allows your gym towel to easily adhere to metal gym equipment. And if it’s not metal, use the snaps to keep your towels accessible and off the ground. You’ll never want to work out without it!

Made for anyone and everyone!

Meet the workout accessory that’s a must-have for every man and woman’s gym back! The smart design and accessible size (33.5″ x 17.7″) means you can use it for weightlifting, yoga, cardio, camping, backpacking, and much more. Pack it for travel and swimming. It’s the jack of all towels!

Wick it away!

Tired of sweat getting in the way of your gains? Each KIZ towel is made with quick-dry polyester microfiber, so you can keep pushing when the sweat is pouring. Our fast drying material also makes this gym accessory perfect for throwing in your bag and hitting the road. No need to wring it out or wait around for it to dry!

Make your workout gear work for you!

Hit the gym in style and comfort, or use one of the best home gym accessories in the comfort of your own house! Are you a fan of the great outdoors? Take your towel camping or backpacking to stay dry and comfortable. Your best new gym buddy is a portable, easy-to-use, towel by KIZ. To top it off, all towels are backed by a lifetime money-back guarantee! Don’t love it? Throw in the towel, and we’ll refund you!

Don’t waste another workout wiping off with old rags or paper towels. Add a KIZ X-Treme Gym Towel to your cart today!

    • ✔️THE WORKOUT TOWEL YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR – Don’t sweat the sweat! Grab an X-Treme Gym Towel by KIZ. This essential gym towel is made of absorbent microfiber and equipped with a zip pocket and magnet for hanging, so you’ll never have to reach for a paper towel at the gym again!
    • ✔️FEATURES THAT PUT YOU FIRST – Tired of fitness gear that doesn’t work nearly as hard as you do? Forget it! KIZ microfiber towels feature a snap and magnet for easy attachment to nearby equipment. Each compact towel also comes with a zip pocket, perfect for storing cell phones, headphones, gym membership ID’s, and more!
    • ✔️MORE THAN A GYM TOWEL – Use the X-Treme Gym Towel anywhere and anytime! It’s perfect for the gym, but it’s just as great as a camping towel, yoga towel, hand towel, sports towel, hiking towel, and travel towel! With its compact design and ultra-quick drying power, your towel goes where you go!
    • ✔️POWERFUL DESIGN – You’re past the days of stuffing a wet, smelly towel into your gym bag. You’ve got a quick-dry X-Treme Gym Towel now! KIZ gym towels are made of polyester microfiber to wick away sweat and moisture quickly and comfortably.
    • ✔️X-TREME GUARANTEE – We want you to feel as confident in your purchase as you do at the gym. That’s why every quick-dry towel comes with a money-back guarantee. Don’t love it? We’ll refund you and make it right.

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