LFFTDM Searchlight,Flashlight Glare Rechargeable Super Bright Multi-Function Household Outdoor Portable Searchlight with Side Lights,1500Ah

Product Name:SearchlightMaterial:engineering plasticWeight:0.25kgMaximum brightness (maximum luminous flux):350 lumens and aboveMa…

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Product Name:Searchlight
Material:engineering plastic
Maximum brightness (maximum luminous flux):350 lumens and above
Maximum range:500m and above
Battery:Built-in lithium battery 1800mAh
Power:3W wick
Gear position:2 files – 4 files
Continuous lighting time:10 hours
Is it waterproof:Yes
Whether it is adjustable:No
Whether with side lights:with side lights
Charging time:4 hours
Charging mode:USB direct charging
Use time:100,000 hours
Size:15.5*8.5cm (1 inch=2.54cm)
Lamp and accessory type:LED
Applicable environment:daily carrying camping night riding cave hunting
Sports outdoor projects:fishing,self-driving tour,hiking, camping
– Do not illuminate the eyes directly to avoid injury to the eyes.
– Avoid dismantling the lights frequently to avoid damage to the reflector and the lamp.
– Wipe the flashlight with a clean soft cloth after each use and dry it.
– If the lamp cap or the tail cap is not smooth, apply a little silicone grease to the interface.
– Remove the battery after the flashlight is stopped and store it in a cool dry place.
– Avoid prolonged exposure in sunny or hot environments.

    • Lightweight portable searchlights,court guards,emergency patrols,construction operations,and forest lighting.
    • With side lights,the side light effect is equivalent to the desk lamp,the length is 15.5cm.
    • Deepen the thickened light cup,strong long-range ability,heat resistance,strong heat dissipation.
    • Built-in high-capacity lithium battery for sustainable recycling.
    • Waterproof, it can work normally even in heavy rain, but it can’t be immersed in water for a long time.

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