LNYF-OV Poles Sticks Trekking Walking Cane Grip, Aluminum Alloy with Straight Handle EVA Lightweight and Sturdy Trekking Snake Skin, 1 Pieces 66-135cm

Size: 66-135cmWeight: 290 gCarbon carbide tip, wear-resistant.Spring suspension, spiral triple lock.Light weight and easy to carry….

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Size: 66-135cm
Weight: 290 g
Carbon carbide tip, wear-resistant.
Spring suspension, spiral triple lock.
Light weight and easy to carry.
The center rod has a scale and can be measured.
The non-slip handle feels comfortable and has a snow cover.
The tip of the rod is small in diameter and can be conveniently inserted into the soil sand.
Easy to use, comfortable, suitable for outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking, skiing, etc.
Adjustable nylon wristband to relax or tighten.
Relieves the pressure on the knees, thighs, shoulders, and back.
Retractable and easy to carry.
Let customer satisfaction, is the purpose of our service.

    • Size: 66-135cm
    • High-strength spring for ease of impact.
    • EAV handle, with spiral.
    • Anti-slip suction sweat, feel comfortable.
    • Let customer satisfaction, is the purpose of our service.

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