Mr Guo 2018 Camping Sleeping Mat Lightweight Automatic Inflatable Mattress Sleeping Pad Camping Bed Ultra Lightweight Camping Backpack Travel Personal Folding Sleeping Pad with Pillows.

Material Taffeta +pvc Weight 850—1700(g) Fabric polyester taffeta +pvc…


Material Taffeta +pvc Weight 850—1700(g) Fabric polyester taffeta +pvc

    • The latest design: this year’s popular design, air entry can be used simply, traditional inflatable mats, lighter, more compact, and easy to carry, and the best choice for outdoor camping.
    • Water proofing cloth is easy to clean: material is Nylon + PVC material, and its waterproofing is very high. In case of any stains, wash with water or wet towels.
    • The parts of the pillow need to be blown by the mouth, and the rest parts are automatically filled. It doesn’t need to blow with your mouth. When you go out, it will also be more convenient without air pump. This is a good choice for people who often go camping or outdoor activities.
    • Moistureproof and anti heat: it is very thick, only 3cm. Keep light and at the same time have a little distance from the contact surface, which can prevent dampproof and prevent heat.
    • Not only can it be used as a bed, but also can be used as a cushion. It’s best to have a flower appreciation party and take a seat cushion at a sports meeting. Needless to say, outdoor activities can also serve as a simple bed for visitors and rest in offices. There is nothing to worry about. As a disaster prevention product, it is also

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