Multi-purpose Folding Walking Stick Stool Tripod Cane Portable Crutch Stool Chair Seat Older Non-slip Walking Stick Cane Best Gift Choice

Stainless steel cane chair stool four elderly people cane stool folding chairOld man three-legged cane with stool Old man triangular cane wi…

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Stainless steel cane chair stool four elderly people cane stool folding chair

Old man three-legged cane with stool Old man triangular cane with handle

Seniors folding chair cane stool multifunctional three-foot massage belt stool stick telescopic anti-skid cane stool

Three-legged collapsible cane bench Older non-slip walker Walking stick Super weighted crutches Multi-function walking stick Three-foot turn

Material: Stainless steel

Tripod weight/cane stool

Height fold height: 85cm, standing height: 74cm

Material: Stainless steel

Bearing weight: 130KG

Net weight 2.17KG

Applicable people: Assisted walking, elderly, inconvenient mobility, or injuries to be done, rehabilitation exercise

How to use: Slide the seat forwards in the direction of the stick. Walking stick

Place on relatively flat ground. Please note: Please sit on a cane in a straddling manner

On the front, the handle is in front of the body to keep the center of gravity balanced

★ Dual-purpose collapsible cane stool, can be used as a crutch, when tired, it can be used as a stool to sit, the stool surface can be opened or closed at any time, easy to carry

★ Applicable scenes: park bends, hospital registration, fishing and leisure, purchase of tickets, stock trading, etc.

★ Love the elderly will give him better: This product is made of high-strength stainless steel, light and durable, the grip and the pad accessories are imported, environmental health and durability, can pass the gloss of these accessories, and whether or not Odor judgment products

Good or bad.

    • ★ Sponge handle: non-slip sponge handle fits palm hand shape for comfortable grip, handle dirt easy to clean
    • ★ humane stool design: engineering plastic seat, rubber non-slip foot pad. Applicable population (elderly population, poorly balanced population)
    • ★ Ergonomic handle and PP plastic panel: environmental protection PP material, stool surface with high-strength engineering PP plastic panel
    • ★ Environmental TPR foot pad: containing metal gasket, non-slip, wear-resistant, environmentally friendly, durable
    • ★ T-shaped handle: ergonomic design, more comfortable to hold

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