NEW – Aerospace Grade Aluminum Hiking / Trekking Poles w/ Shock Absorbing Handles and Mechanical Locks. All Terrain Tips and Nordic Walking. Carry Bag included – For Snow, Mud, Wet Surfaces by Seyahat

These are the sticks Astronauts should take with them to go trekking on the moon (or Mars). The Aluminum in these sticks is the same Alum…

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These are the sticks Astronauts should take with them to go trekking on the moon (or Mars).

The Aluminum in these sticks is the same Aluminum used in aerospace rockets and air craft. The careful mix of zinc and copper composition is an exact science when done correctly results in an incredibly sturdy and strong frame that is much stronger than carbon fiber.

Not only this, but it is also lighter than most other cheaper quality brands using Aluminum 6061. Consider that you will be lifting these sticks thousands of times per trip. Every 0.1 lb difference will be felt. When you’re out there, the last thing you want is your sticks to get dented, broken, or a pain to use.

They should be helping you enjoy the outdoors, not fighting you every step of the way! Why do you even bring them if all it does is hinder you?

The shock absorbant springs are built into the handle itself so that no matter how tall or short you need it to be you get the exact same amount of relief and minimized impact on your joints. Not only this but Seyahat Sticks are also versatile in their use. Have a tarp? Build a tent by using the sticks as a support. Ward off bears! no really, those carbide tips are fierce grade!. Measure how deep the water depth is when crossing rivers.

Seyahat is designed to be not just an aid to walk, but a tool to survive. It is corrosion resistant, tough stuff that loves the rough outdoors. But it is not just for wild adventurers. The sticks are perfect for nordic walking or general toning and working out. With the shock absorbing springs never worry about injuring your joints.

    • MADE WITH NEXT GENERATION AEROSPACE GRADE ALUMINUM – Made with carefully forged Aluminum 7075. Not all Alu 7075 are made equal. Incredibly precise mix of zinc and copper ratio makes a real difference.
    • READY FOR ALL TERRAINS AND SEASONS – Seyahat sticks come with Snow and mud tips to help with the wild outdoors. Traction sport tips for Nordic Walking and general tip useful for balance and traction. Shock absorbing springs in the handles minimized impact on knees and joints
    • COMFORT ORIENTED DESIGN – Anatomic soft grip and telescopic adjustable. Goes from 24 inches (61 cm) – 55 inches (140 cm).
    • EASY MECHANICAL LOCK ADJUSTABLE – Flip locks will degrade over time and become unsafe for outdoor use. Mechanical locks are sturdier and with easy adjusting knobs you can traverse any kind of terrain easily.
    • 5 YEAR SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We stand behind our products. The Seyahat sticks are not toys. Take them out for a run, go nuts! If you don’t like them get a full and prompt refund!

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