Odthelda Portable Toilet 5.3 Gallons 20L Piston Pump Flush Effortless Travel Potty Cleaning Detachable Tanks for Camping RV Hiking Trips and Boating

Features : High density polyethylene construction. Built-in carry handles for easy transport. Adult sized seat and l…

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Features :
High density polyethylene construction.
Built-in carry handles for easy transport.
Adult sized seat and lid are well constructed.
Completely self-contained. No external water or power connections needed.
Attractive matte finish conceals marks, and allows scrubbing without damage.
Double sealed drain valve protects against leakage and odour.
Heavy duty, corrosion resistant side latches lock tanks together.
Detached waste holding tank is easy to empty.
Both tanks are one piece construction with no leaking seams.
Enhanced T-type 3 directional flush nozzle guaranties a full bowl coverage
Pump type: Piston Pump
Empty type: Large discharge opening
Waste holding tank capacity: 20L
Fresh water tank capacity: 12L, up to 50 flushes

1. Lubricate Slide Valve seals periodically with silicone spray or white grease lubricant.
2. Clean exterior of toilet with a mild, non-abrasive bathroom cleaner.

To store Portable Toilet when not in use:
1. Empty the top tank and waste holding tank.
2. Make sure all water is cleared from the flush pump by depressing pump several times.
3. Stored away from direct sunlight.

A small amount of water may remain in the top tank but will be harmless during storage.

Product component:
1.Seat Cover
3.Hinge Pin
4.Piston Pump
5.Cap, Fresh Water Holding Tank
6.Fresh Water Tank Assembly
7.Side Latch Assembly
8.Sealed C Ring
9.Slide Valve Assembly
10.Sealed D Ring
11.Cap. Waste Holding Tank

    • ✓SIZE&Material:16.34”x14.37”x 16.54”/41.5x 36.5x 42cm ; High density polyethylene construction.The portable toilet provides simple operation and convenient disposal of waste.
    • ✓EMPTY HOLDING TANK:Empty the waste holding tank when contents reaches approximately 2cm below Slide Valve.Make sure the slide valve is closed and separate two tanks by disengaging side latches.
    • ✓MAIN FEATURES:Piston pump,T type 3 way flush-full bowl coverage,empty type:large discharge opening,level indicator:NO,vent value:NO.
    • ✓Operation&HOW TO USE:Pull out handle and pour approximately 1 litre of water into the lower tank through opening. Then add any brand of deodorant as directed on the bottle.Unscrew the cap on the upper tank. Add tap water.To use, ensure that the handle is pulled out.To flush, press the piston pump on the upper tank.After flush, push the handle back in.

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