OLDF Sleeping Bag Liner,Lightweight Static Envelope Portable Comfort Traveling Camping Backpacking Teens & Adults Ultralight Sleeping Pad

Lining: thick flannelFilling: hollow cottonPacking size: 38.5*18cmWeight: 1.27kgApplicable number: 1 person…


Lining: thick flannel
Filling: hollow cotton
Packing size: 38.5*18cm
Weight: 1.27kg
Applicable number: 1 person

    • 1. Can be used with sleeping bag, can also be used alone, 150g/m3 hollow cotton is filled with comfortable warm and breathable, can be cleaned without fading and healthier
    • 2. Our sleeping bags are designed to be close to the freezing point and have a rating of 20 degrees Fahrenheit – which means that these sleeping bags are designed to maintain the average sleeper’s warmth at 20F.
    • 3. In addition, these bags are waterproof and weatherproof, keeping warm even under extreme conditions, preventing any moisture – thanks to double-fill technology and diamond-stitched design.
    • 4. Each sleeping bag is equipped with a travel-friendly carrying bag and a compression bag with straps, which makes it very convenient to store and carry sleeping bags.

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