Repellex 20006 300-Count Systemic Animal Repellent

Repellex/natura 20006 300-count systemic animal repellent…

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Repellex/natura 20006 300-count systemic animal repellent

    • Systemic animal repellent
    • Approved for repelling deer, rabbits, moles, voles, gophers, groundhogs, feral hogs, dogs and cats
    • Breakthrough technology allows capsaicin (hot pepper) to be absorbed into the plant by simply planting a tablet next to a growing plants root system
    • Once the repellent is absorbed over 7-30 days, the repellent will stay active for up to one whole year
    • Since the repellent is internally treating the plant, it will not wash off in the rain like traditional repellents do over time

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