Reunion Island My Love!: Pardon! Travel Guide 2014

“Welcome to Reunion Island!” Bathe in natural waterfalls before plunging into the ocean, walk wild trails to reach the highland Technicolor peaks, an…

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“Welcome to Reunion Island!” Bathe in natural waterfalls before plunging into the ocean, walk wild trails to reach the highland Technicolor peaks, and caress the impressive cliffs that once upon a time housed fugitive slaves and let yourself dream in shelters unfamiliar with television. Discover hamlets randomly lost at the bottoms of valleys which are cut off from the world. Please avoid scaring the wild goats living in freedom. The countryside abounds with translucent lizards, edible hedgehogs, vanilla farms and grass “that makes you laugh.” At the turtle refuge, one may find turtles that swim and those who walk. Pardon, the lack of tigers and polar bears, but much of the birdlife is still preserved: petrels, Tuit-Tuits and the majestic straw-tailed seagulls called pailles-en-queue. From coral at the bottom of the lagoon that provides a home for the clownfish, damselfish or the surgeon fish to whales who have crossed the globe to take refuge from winter storms and dolphins that sing and dance around sailboats. You will remember Reunion Island and want to come back! Cramps, sunburn and rum hangovers only for a few €uros. Based on the French language PARDON ! Travel Guide “Réunion Mon Amour!” By Peter Mertes and Pardon ! International REUNION ISLAND MY LOVE! Is not politically correct. This travel guide gives Pardon’s take on Reunion Island and Pardon’s take on what is good and bad. In this Tchatchez anglais Edition some English cultural additions are provided to help English speakers understand both French and Creole words. REUNION ISLAND MY LOVE! Presents this information with the French NGO “Tchatchez anglais… a radical new approach. Classified in 10 ways to help the reader find what their looking for. REUNION ISLAND MY LOVE! Is also fresh information. The Pardon team live on Reunion Island and can react to changes faster than off shore publishers. REUNION ISLAND MY LOVE! Cannot be held responsible for any damages eventually caused though the use of this guide! -your comments -your information -your reactions -your criticism -your secrets For the French edition there is only one contact: For the English edition there is only one contact: Or “like” our Facebook page: Reunion Island My Love A French overseas department, inhabited for only 350 years. A little island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, with a cosmopolitan population. It’s quite a mixture: 36% of ethnic African peoples, 30% of ethnic European peoples, 30% of ethnic Indian peoples, 4% of ethnic Asiatic peoples. On a tropical island, you imagine the beaches, the palm trees… but here, we also find a mountainous three ring circus, an active volcano, and luxuriant forests far away from the pollution of big cities. When arriving, you’ll meet a young, smiling population. 30% of who are less than 25 years old. Finally, there are the temperatures: A minimum of 21° C in the winter and 27° C in summer. A little magical world, which will probably thrill you to bits. (c) Penguino Rouge SOCAN CANADA 2014

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