Suction type Mosquito Insect Trap Killer – UV light traps, covering approximately 200-500square feet

Name: Duceny inhalation devicePower: USB (5V) Removable Independent Power CableMosquito control principle: 365nm UV lamp + suction +TEMP …

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Name: Duceny inhalation device
Power: USB (5V) Removable Independent Power Cable
Mosquito control principle: 365nm UV lamp + suction +TEMP
Product color: white
Use area: 200-500 square feet
Input voltage: 5V = 1A
Rated power: 4W (anti-mosquito mode) 1W (table lamp mode)
Appearance material: ABS flame retardant material / metal
Size: 160mm * 160mm * 195mm
Weight: 490g

    • For the best anti-mosquito effect, please make sure that the mosquito killer is the only light source in the room. The number of decibels is 35, which will not affect your child’s rest and sleep.
    • UV trap lights are recommended to be placed at a height of about 1 meter and 365 NM wavelengths of ultraviolet light attract mosquitoes and bugs. Ultraviolet flycatchers are safer than indoor sprayers.
    • The 360 degree suction fan attracts mosquitoes in close proximity to any direction and is attracted to the insect trap. The built-in streamlined fan suction is very effective.
    • Pure physical mosquito control technology kills mosquitoes in a completely safe manner for humans and pets, with no electronic noise, no chemical toxins, no toxins and no radiation.
    • The USB power supply supports USB powered by a DC 5V safe voltage. It can connect an adapter (not included), mobile power or any device with a USB port. Ideal for indoor use, bedrooms, dens, restrooms, camping tents or other enclosed environments.

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