Suguoguo 30W Rechargeable Flood Light, Led Camping Light COB Tent Light Portable Emergency Lawn Light Hiking Light

Product: Multi-function spotlightMaterial: aluminum alloyPower: 30WWeight: about 700gSurface: Seiko paintingEndu…

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Product: Multi-function spotlight

Material: aluminum alloy

Power: 30W

Weight: about 700g

Surface: Seiko painting

Endurance: 4 hours or so

Light source: white light

Charging: USB charging

Size: 131*202*95mm

Power supply: 4*18650 battery

Waterproof: waterproof


1, get the goods should first charge the battery for 5 hours, the first charge for 5 hours minimum, after the green light on the charger can be. There is no need to overcharge.

4. When the natural discharge rate of lithium battery is not used, it will release about 1% or less of its charge per day. Although it is slow, it is too long to prevent it from being placed.

5, pay attention to the battery’s waterproof, moisture, drop, etc.;

6, special tips to use anti-overcharge, anti-reverse, anti-short circuit “three anti” charger;

7. If the battery is not used for a long time, the battery should be fully charged and stored. Normally, it will be charged and discharged once again in about three months.

    • 1, material: aluminum alloy
    • 2, weight: about 700 grams
    • 3, COB light source design.
    • 4, 3 files dimmed, the function is stronger.
    • 5, 180 degrees adjustment, adapt to different environments.

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