TMY HEADLAMP Outdoor Glare Charging Headlight Miner’s Lamp, Super Bright Night Fishing Lamp Head-Mounted Household Flashlight (Wattage : 5W)

Endurance: 5W10-20 hours/10W8-16 hoursBrightness: about 100W incandescent brightness / about 200W incandescent brightnessLighting distance: …

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Endurance: 5W10-20 hours/10W8-16 hours
Brightness: about 100W incandescent brightness / about 200W incandescent brightness
Lighting distance: 5W500 meters (visible light distance) / 10W1000 meters (visible light distance)
Material: engineering plastic
Light color: white
Lighting mode: strong / weak
1, please check the size and color before purchasing
2, please note that there might be a little color difference due to different monitor
3, if you have any problem, please feel free to contact us

    • The illumination distance is long, the high-quality LED lamp beads are used, the brightness is higher, the distance is longer, and the real outdoor partner is good.
    • The illumination is high, facing the headlights, the brightness is comparable to the car lights, ignoring all nighttime black roads, please do not direct people’s eyes, or the side causes temporary blindness.
    • User-friendly design, the lamp head is free to rotate 0-90°, and the illumination range is wider,More flexible and convenient.
    • Built-in maintenance-free, imported 18650 lithium battery capacity of up to 4000 mAh, glare can be used for 10 hours, low light can be used for 20 hours.
    • Generally,we will deliver the item in 1-3 days and estimated time of arrival is 9-15 days.

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