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Product name: Axilla crutchesCategory: trekking polesProduct material: aluminumQuantity: 1 PackProduct size: Max 117cm  130cm…

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Product name: Axilla crutches
Category: trekking poles
Product material: aluminum
Quantity: 1 Pack
Product size: Max 117cm  130cm minimum
Product features: adjustable height
Weight: 1 kg
Model: Pu-Al
Color: Silver

    • Product Features: Adjustable height, weight: 1 kg, Model: general aluminum, color: silver (1) Material: aluminum, quantity: 1pcs, commodity size: maximum 117cm minimum 130cm
    • Grasp the upper part of crutches, hold down the adjustment key, elongated crutches, to feel the appropriate adjustment position can be, in the adjustment key to pull, shrinkage adjustment, pay attention to confirm to hear crutches “click” sound, indicating the adjustment key Adjust in place
    • Handle adjustment method: Unscrew the left hand nut, unplug the bolt, the rubber handle to the appropriate location, plug in the bolt, and then tighten the nut
    • Unique square tube groove design, non-slip rubber mats containing metal pieces, making it more durable, sponge foam axillary care, the use of more comfortable
    • Reminder: If the adjustment key does not confirm the adjustment in place, that is, did not hear the “click” sound when using crutches, then, as long as a force, crutches are likely to be compressed shorter, so I am afraid there will be insecurity

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