YQQ Self-Driving Travel Bed Portable Car Inflatable Bed Camping Outdoors Air Mattress

Color: Black Material: flocking clothSize: 145cm*80cm*45cmInflator type: car air pumpThis product is a non-life …


Color: Black

Material: flocking cloth

Size: 145cm*80cm*45cm

Inflator type: car air pump

This product is a non-life saving device and cannot be used for water games or water rescue.

Use at ambient temperatures from -25 ° C to 50 ° C

Take care to avoid touching cigarettes or sharp objects to avoid damaging the mattress

Please use it again after 10 hours. Natural leakage within 10 hours after inflation is normal

    • ★ Can withstand high pressure and stable bed surface.
    • ★ Moisture-proof and environmentally friendly.
    • ★ Folding and lightweight. Easy to carry. Open the socket for easy deflation.
    • ★ Air mattresses are designed for outdoor travel
    • ★ Durable car equipment, providing a comfortable travel sleep for kids and friends, or creating more space for romantic intimate sports in the vehicle

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